Undead Fortune

RTP (Return to Player)


Reel Resign

5 x 4

Lucky Spin


Win Ways


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Stakes Range

$0.1 to $100

About this game

Undead Fortune (Hacksaw): Slot Review & Theme:

It’s no secret that there’s a strong demand for horror-themed video slots in the online gambling industry. Hacksaw has grasped at the opportunity to provide a horror-themed video slot of its own based on the undead and mummies. While the slot is spooky, it’s perfect for those looking for an added thrill when slamming the reels. The visuals of this title are captivating, to say the least. It’s almost as if a mummified hand will reach out of the screen and grab hold of an unfortunate victim at any time.

This video slot has multiple bonus rounds, each with a more unique and spooky background than the last. The different backgrounds can feature desolate graveyards, tombs, and temples. The soundtrack encompasses the hair-rasing atmosphere with an electric guitar that will ramp up the pace as the bonus rounds are reached.

Undead Fortune (Hacksaw): Slot Features

Hacksaw has done well to differentiate this video slot from other titles in the horror-themed genre. A few unique mechanics are added to this title, increasing the gameplay's thrilling nature. This includes features built on the authentic DueelReels™ mechanic, such as the walking duel and expanding duel reels.

There are also a handful of features that slot enthusiasts have likely encountered before.  These features can include wild symbols, scatter symbols, expanding symbols, multipliers, and a feature buy-in.

About Undead Fortune

While the title of this video slot may seem dreary, the gameplay can actually be quite lucrative. Beyond the multipliers that can reach a maximum of 200x, this video slot comes with an excellent hit frequency of 26.73%. The gameplay takes place on a 5-reel by 4-row grid with 10 fixed paylines.

Undead Fortune at BC.GAME has an RTP that is slightly below the industry standard at 94.4%. The gameplay is, in fact, so rewarding that these dreadful-looking beings have risen from the grave to benefit from the wealth provided through the spinning reels. Undead Fortune at BC.GAME also offers players an attractive maximum winning potential of 10,000x the base bet.

  • The Rules of Undead Fortune

    The increased hit frequency of this Undead Fortune at BC.GAME may entice players into the gameplay, given the unpredictable nature of a high-volatility slot. All video slots are unpredictable, especially those with a high-volatility rating. Players must familiarize themselves with the game rules before they begin wagering on this title.
  • Once selecting Undead Fortune at BC.GAME will display its loading screen with a preview of the added mechanics. Players can begin the gameplay by clicking the “click to continue” button.
  • The spooky 5-reel by 4-row grid will then be displayed.
  • Players can select the table menu by clicking the three-lined icon on the bottom left of the screen and then by selecting the “info” button within the table.
  • Punters can change their betting amount by selecting the plus and minus icons above and below the spin button.
  • Users can also choose the auto-spins feature by clicking the play icon at the bottom left of the screen. Players can change the number of automated spins from 10 to 100 automatic spins. Players can also use advanced auto-spin settings, including a stop at a specific win or loss limit and when a special feature activates.
  • There’s also an option to use hyper-spins, and players must select the lightning bolt icon within the table menu after selecting the three-lined icon at the bottom left of the screen. There are both turbo spins, and super turbo spins options.

Pay Table and Bet Sizes

Undead Fortune at BC.GAME comes with an excellent betting range. The minimum possible bet is $0.1, while the maximum is $100.

As spooky as the symbols look within this title, they offer reasonably decent rewards and are, therefore, highly sought after. The low-paying symbols are styled as runic royals, including a 10, Jack, Queen, King, and an Ace, offering 1x, 1x, 1.2x, 1.2x, and 1.5x payouts. The high-paying symbols can include a mummy, a cat Pharoah, a snake pharaoh, a dog Pharoah, and a bird pharaoh, each awarding 4x, 4x, 6x, 8x, and 10x payouts.

Features of Undead Fortune

Though the symbols are styled after lifeless beings, the gameplay that each of these symbols can bring to the reels is far from dead—Undead Fortune at BC.GAME is packed with desirable features and unique mechanics that bring the reels to life and offer players a great chance to achieve significant wealth.

Walking Duel Reels

Within Undead Fortune at BC.GAME has a special scatter symbol titled “Walk vs.” with neon purple coloring. Landing this special scatter symbol will activate a walking duel symbol. Once activated, the walking duel symbols act as wild symbols that expand to cover the reels and will reveal a random multiplier value between them. Once the monster and multiplier have been revealed, the symbol will display a battle. If the monster is defeated, the multiplier is applied to the whole reel, boosting any wins that are triggered within it. Once the monster is defeated, the monster also awards a respin, and the expanded symbol moves one reel to the left unless blocked by another expanded wild symbol or the edge of the grid. Additional “Walk vs.” symbols can land during respins. The process will continue until the battle is lost or no new “Walk vs.” symbols land.

Expanding Duel Reels

The second special scatter symbol within Undead Fortune at BC.GAME is the "Expand vs." symbol which is neon yellow. This symbol only lands on reels 2, 3, 4, or 5. Once the "Expand vs." symbol lands, it will display a monster and a multiplier that expands to cover the entire reel. If the monster is defeated, the multiplier will be saved, and the expanding monster symbol expands one reel to the left. Once expanded, another monster and multiplier will appear. The process will continue unless blocked by the board's edge or If the monster is defeated. The new multiplier is added to the current value if the monster is defeated after an expansion. Multiplier values are 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x, 8x, 9x, 10x, 15x, 20x, 25x, 50x, 100x, 150x, 200x. If the monster is not defeated or the expanding duel cannot expand further, the multiplier increases any winning lines connected to it.

The Tomb

Players can also activate the Tomb bonus round. This round begins by landing 3 Tomb scatter symbols, which only land on reels 1, 3, and 5. Tomb spins start with multiplier values above each reel. Some reels are locked, and some are active. Landing “Tomb vs.” symbols on unlocked reels reveal a monster and a multiplier value of 2x to 200x. Defeating the monster adds the multiplier to the value above the unlocked reel. If players lose the duel, the reel is locked. When all five reels are locked, the feature ends, and the values above the reels are awarded. Players can also land 4 unlock symbols during the feature to unlock reels, or if the Golden Unlock symbol lands, all locked reels are unlocked.

Another special symbol that can land during Tomb spins is the “Epic vs.” scatter symbol. If this symbol land, the entire grid becomes a duel, displaying monsters and multiplier values. If players win this duel, all active reel values are either multiplied by x2 to x20 or have a value of 25x to 200x added to them. Losing the duel will lock the reel the “Epic vs.” symbol initially landed on.

The Curse

Finally, players can land special curse symbols, which only land on reels 1, 3, and 5. Landing 3 curse symbols will trigger the curse bonus game. Following this, 10 free spins are added, and players will have a greater chance of landing “Walk" or “Expand vs.” symbols during the feature.

Feature Buy-in

Players can buy straight into the bonus rounds for an added price on the initial stake. This includes:

Bonus spins: 3x the bet, increases the chance to activate a bonus feature by 5x.
Walking Duel: 10x the bet, the next spin guarantees at least one “Walk vs.” symbol to land.
Expanding Duel: 50x the bet guarantees one Expand “vs.” symbol will land.
The Tomb: 200x the bet.
The Curse: 100x the bet.


Hacksaw has put a great deal of effort into producing an authentic horror-themed slot that provides gameplay that is just as thrilling as the visuals. The features within this title are intertwined with the unique DuelReel™ mechanic Hacksaw has created to provide a genuinely gripping experience, so gripping you might feel as though you’re being dragged into the underworld. Nonetheless, braving these dreadful beings will net you some other-worldly returns.  

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