Lucky Goldbricks

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Reel Resign

5 x 3

Lucky Spin


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Stakes Range

$0.1 to $100

About this game

Lucky Goldbricks (JILI): Slot Review & Theme

Jili Games brings nostalgia to life with their latest release, Lucky Goldbricks. This one relates to the classics in a world of complex slot games.  Featuring a unique 5-reel, 3-row layout, this game boasts a wild multiplier that can supercharge your winnings anytime. Landing 5 scatter symbols unlocks free spins, with the chance to earn even more during this exciting bonus round. Before you dive into certified casinos, you can test your luck with Lucky Goldbricks in demo mode. Get ready for a dose of old-school charm and straightforward fun!

Paytable and Bet Size

The payout table consists of five basic symbols in Lucky Goldbricks, a slot game featuring 5 reels and 30 paylines. These symbols include single, double, and triple bars, each offering various payouts. For instance, landing five single bars on a payline will reward you 60 times your bet, while getting five double bars will grant you 90 times your wager. Likewise, you'll receive 120 times your initial bet if you line up five triple bars. The game also features a silver seven symbol that pays out 150 times your bet for a combination of five and a gold seven, which is even more lucrative at 180 times your bet for five in a row.

Additionally, Lucky Goldbricks provides opportunities for mixed combinations. Any seven symbols, regardless of color, can yield a payout of 90 times your bet for five, 27 times for four, and 9 times for three. Similarly, any combination of bar symbols, whether single, double, or triple, offers rewards, with five mixed bars granting 30 times your bet, four yielding 9 times, and three providing 3 times your wager.

In summary, Lucky Goldbricks offers a straightforward payout structure with various symbols, each offering different rewards. This classic slot game allows players to win based on combinations of single, double, and triple bars and sevens while rewarding mixed combinations of these symbols and bars.

About Lucky Goldbricks (JILI) at BC.GAME

Lucky Goldbricks by Jili Games, available at BC.GAME offers players a favorable gaming experience in terms of its Return to Player (RTP) rate, which is 97%. This high RTP indicates that, on average, players can expect to receive a significant portion of their wagers back as winnings over time, making it an attractive choice for those seeking favorable odds.

In addition to its high RTP, Lucky Goldbricks also falls under low to medium variance. While the game may not produce extremely large winnings as frequently as high-variance slots, it still offers a balanced mix of smaller and occasional larger payouts. This variance level can appeal to players who prefer a steadier stream of wins with a lower risk of experiencing extended losing streaks.

Overall, Lucky Goldbricks at BC.GAME provides an appealing combination of a high RTP and low to medium variance, creating an enjoyable and potentially rewarding slot gaming experience for players.

Feature of Lucky Goldbricks (JILI)

When a player lands at least 5 gold bricks (Scatter icons) on the reels in Lucky Goldbricks, they will activate the bonus game feature. During this bonus round, players are granted seven Free Spins, and what makes this feature especially exciting is that only gold bricks with specific values will appear on the reels during these spins. Some of these gold bricks have the potential to carry jackpot values.

Players can accumulate these gold bricks with their associated values as the Free Spins progress. Once the seven Free Spins are completed, all values attached to the gold bricks collected during the bonus round are added. This cumulative total is then awarded to the player as their bonus prize.

In summary, the bonus game in Lucky Goldbricks is triggered when at least 5 gold bricks appear on the reels, and it offers seven Free Spins with gold bricks that hold specific values, including potential jackpots. At the end of the bonus round, all the values from the collected gold bricks are tallied and given to the player as their reward.

Bonus Game

Landing 5 or more Scatter Gold Bricks in the main game activates the Bonus Game. The number of rounds and payouts in the Bonus Game depends on the number of Scatter Gold Bricks that appear in the main game.

Main Game - Number of Gold Bricks Appears vs. Bonus Game Corresponding Rounds with Payouts:
- 5 Gold Bricks: 1 round
- 6 Gold Bricks: 2 rounds
- 7 Gold Bricks: 3 rounds
- 8 Gold Bricks: 5 rounds
- 9 Gold Bricks: 7 rounds
- 10 Gold Bricks: 10 rounds

All the Gold Bricks are selected, and their values are summed up, producing payouts attached to Gold Bricks in the Bonus Game. Afterward, 7 Free Spins are initiated.

Free Game

During the Free Game, appearing Gold Bricks yield payouts based on their attached values. If 5 or more Gold Bricks appear in the Free Game, it can retrigger the Bonus Game, with the payouts from the Gold Bricks accumulating. Retriggering the Bonus Game adds 5 more Free Spins.


In the initial Bonus Game, there is a chance to obtain a Jackpot Gold Brick that provides corresponding payouts directly. Upon gaining the Jackpot, the Bonus Game concludes and returns to the main game.

Lucky Goldbricks (JILI): Summary

Lucky Goldbricks by Jili Games offers a classic and straightforward slot game experience that harks back to the traditional era of slot machines. This slot will likely appeal to novice players and seasoned gamblers with its simple yet engaging gameplay. The game's 5-reel, 30-payline layout provides ample opportunities for winning combinations, and various bar symbols and sevens add a nostalgic touch.

One of the standout features of Lucky Goldbricks is its high RTP of 97%, promising players favorable odds and the potential for regular returns on their bets. This generous RTP rate enhances the game's overall appeal, making it attractive for those seeking rewarding gameplay.

The inclusion of the Bonus Game adds an exciting dimension to the gameplay. Triggered by landing a minimum of 5 Scatter Gold Bricks, the Bonus Game offers players the chance to accumulate gold bricks with associated values. These values are then tallied up, and the player is awarded the cumulative sum as a bonus prize. Adding Free Spins and possibly retriggering the Bonus Game with additional Free Spins keeps the excitement alive.

Moreover, the game introduces a Jackpot feature that can be obtained within the Bonus Game. Gaining a Jackpot Gold Brick results in immediate payouts, enhancing the potential for substantial winnings.

While Lucky Goldbricks may not boast the complex features of modern video slots, its simplicity, high RTP, and the allure of the Bonus Game and Jackpot make it a compelling choice for players looking for a more traditional slot experience. Overall, it's a game that delivers a mix of nostalgia and potential rewards, making it a solid addition to the world of online slot gaming.

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