Golden Bank

RTP (Return to Player)


Reel Resign

3 x 3

Lucky Spin


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Stakes Range

$0.05 to $100

About this game

Golden Bank (JILI): GAME Review & Theme

The Golden Bank Slot Machine, a creation by Jili Games, presents an engaging online slot experience distinguished by captivating visual elements. Immerse yourself in the game's aesthetic charm, featuring vivid, oversized icons in various colors set against a backdrop of white reels with shimmering golden dividers. Above the reels, a detailed paytable awaits, while in the distance, a secure vault adds to the thematic allure.

Golden Bank operates on a compact 3-reel grid with a single payline, offering simplicity and elegance. Within its paytable, you'll encounter a modest selection of seven regular symbols, including single bars, triple bars, double bars, a fortunate red seven, and icons denoting 2x, 3x, and 5x multipliers. A thrilling bonus game is triggered when three bonus icons align on the pay line, opening doors to exciting rewards.

Distinguishing itself as a noteworthy element within the game, the wild symbol takes center stage, stepping in for standard symbols to elevate your winning combinations. Its exceptional characteristic lies in its capacity to amplify your winnings, applying multipliers of two, three, or five times when participating in a successful pay line. The bonus game, a highlight of Golden Bank, promises special prizes displayed above the grid, effectively functioning as a Free Spins round.

During this bonus feature, anticipate the opportunity to acquire Free Spin icons, which can grant you additional spins, further enhancing your chances of securing enticing rewards in this engaging slot adventure.

About Golden Bank at BC.GAME

At BC.GAME, the Golden Bank Slot Machine functions within the confines of a compact 3-reel grid housing a solitary payline. With the potential to yield winnings up to 2000 times your initial wager, Golden Bank stands as a straightforward and brisk slot game, catering to players aspiring for substantial victories without dedicating an extensive amount of time to gameplay.

This game strikes a harmonious balance, embracing a moderate level of volatility, ensuring players are not compelled to undertake significant risks. While it doesn't completely eradicate risk, it does yield relatively frequent payouts. Furthermore, an admirable 97% RTP (Return to Player) safeguards against excessive depletion of your gaming budget.

Thoughtfully designed to accommodate an array of devices, this slot refuses to impose restrictions on mobile gaming, extending its accessibility to both iOS and Android platforms. It provides the opportunity to seamlessly immerse yourself in the world of Thailand's exotic fruits and captivating culture, whether you're on the go or enjoying the comfort of your smartphone.

Pay Table and Bet Size

At BC.GAME, the Golden Bank Slot Machine features a concise 3-reel layout with just one payline. Additionally, the game offers the exciting possibility of yielding substantial top prizes, with the potential to reach a maximum win of 2,000 times your initial wager. You have the flexibility to place bets within the range of $0.05 to $100.

In terms of the paytable, you'll find a total of 8 standard symbols in this game. These symbols include a single bar icon, triple bars, double bars, and a fortunate red seven, along with 2x, 3x, and 5x icons. The single bar icon results in a payout of 3 times your wager, while the double bars offer a reward of 5 times. The triple bars provide an 8x return on your bet, and the lucky red seven grants a payout of 10 times your initial wager. The 2x symbols offer a generous 40x reward, while the 3x symbols deliver an impressive 135x return. If you land the 5x symbols, you'll enjoy a substantial 625x payout in comparison to your bet. Additionally, the bonus symbols yield payouts of 2x and 3x.

The presence of the wild symbol is a notable highlight in this game. Having the capability to stand in for all ordinary symbols, when the wild symbol plays a role in a winning combination, your  rewards can be increased by two, three, or even five times.

Features of Golden Bank (JILI)

The Golden Bank Slot Machine boasts several exciting features, including the opportunity to trigger the Bonus Game by landing three bonus icons on the payline. Additionally, the wild symbol is at your service, replacing regular symbols and multiplying your wins by two, three, or five times when involved in a winning combination. As you enter the bonus game, anticipate special prizes showcased above the matrix and prepare for an exhilarating round of Free Spins, where collecting Free Spin icons can extend your gameplay and enhance your chances of securing impressive rewards.

Wild Symbols

The Wild symbol functions as a replacement for all symbols, with the exception of the BONUS, SUPER BONUS, and Free Spin icons. Whenever the Wild symbol participates in a winning combination, it activates random multipliers of 2x, 3x, or 5x, thereby boosting your winnings. Furthermore, when multiple Wild symbols form a winning combination, their multipliers multiply each other, potentially resulting in an additional 5x multiplier when three matching Wilds align.

Bonus Games, Bonus Symbols

In the Golden Bank Slot Machine, the bonus game can be triggered by the appearance of 3 bonus symbols in any position. Once the bonus game is initiated, any winnings equivalent to double the initial bet will be funneled into the prize pool, adding to the excitement. Furthermore, landing a Bonus symbol in any position during the game will grant you payouts directly from the prize pool situated above the spinning reels. What's more, every time a Bonus symbol graces your screen, an extra payout is calculated by multiplying the "bet" with the "number of rounds when you win," with this sum being contributed to the prize pool, paving the way for future wins. For example, if you place a 200 bet in each round and secure a victory on the 3rd spin, an additional 600 will be injected into the prize pool, to be granted upon your next triumph and beyond, ensuring that the excitement never dwindles.

Free Spins, Scatter Symbols

When you spot 2 free spin symbols in any position, you'll receive a generous gift of 5 extra spins within the Bonus Game. Moreover, the appearance of 3 free spin symbols in any position will grant you an even more remarkable reward of 10 additional spins in the Bonus Game.

Golden Bank (JILI): Summary

Golden Bank by JILI at BC.GAME offers players a straightforward yet engaging slot experience. With its compact 3-reel grid and a single payline, it's a game that provides simplicity without sacrificing excitement. The potential for impressive maximum wins, reaching up to 2,000 times your initial bet, adds an element of thrill to the gameplay. Additionally, the inclusion of a wild symbol that multiplies your wins and a bonus game with special prizes enhances the overall entertainment value. Whether you're a casual player looking for quick wins or a seasoned slot enthusiast, Golden Bank offers an enjoyable and potentially rewarding gaming experience.

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