Fear The Dark

RTP (Return to Player)


Reel Resign

6 x 6

Lucky Spin


Win Ways

Cluster Pays

Max Win


Hit Rate




Stakes Range

$0.1 to $100

About this game

Fear The Dark (Hacksaw): Slot Review & Theme:

When taking a closer look at a group of video slots in a developer’s portfolio, one can easily notice a trend in the theme used in most of their titles. Hacksaw isn’t known for its light-hearted approach to video slots; instead, Hacksaw is known for its darker themes. Fear The Dark is another perfect example of Hacksaw’s more favored approach when it comes to video slots. As players creep through this decrepit graveyard, they must face the daunting task of sifting through the wasting graves and dodging terrifying creatures for an unfathomable reward.

The terrible nature of nightmares has been brought to life fully among the reels of Hacksaw’s Fear The Dark. The monsters that act as the symbols within the grid make for a convincing reason to Fear The Dark, as each is slightly scarier than the last. The background doesn’t come closer to lightening the mood at all, with a horrifically accurate depiction of an abandoned graveyard during a quiet evening. The moon above the grid will light up the graves and the ghastly spirits, giving players an even better opportunity to sift through the reels while the mischievous electronic music sounds in the background.

Pay Table and Bet Sizes

The betting range within Fear The Dark is extensive enough to cater to casual players and high rollers alike. The minimum bet is $0.1, while the maximum is $100. This means any player could load this slot and find a comfortable bet.

The team at Hacksaw has truly outdone themselves in Fear The Dark; each of the symbols is entirely unique while not following suit with other video slots and contributing extremely well to the dark but still playful theme. The low-paying symbols can include black-and-white icons such as a tombstone, a gravestone, a tonic, dice, and a cross, offering minimum payouts of 0.1x, 0.1x, 0.2x, 0.2x, 0.3x, and maximum payouts of 12.8x, 12.8x, 19.2x, 24x, and 28x. The high-paying symbols can include monsters such as a ghost, goo-monster, pig-man, killer clown, and zombie, awarding minimum payouts of 0.5x, 0.6x, 0.7x, 1x, 1.5x, and maximum payouts of 40x, 48x, 64x, 80x, and 120x. Fear The Dark uses the cluster pays mechanic, which means minimum payouts are achieved by forming a grouping of at least 5 adjacent matching symbols, and the maximum payouts require a minimum grouping of 14 adjacent matching symbols.

About Fear The Dark (Hacksaw) at BC.GAME

There are essentially two definitive factors that are present in Fear The Dark, which this video slot an exceptional title. Firstly, the gripping and thrilling atmosphere is coherent throughout this slot, with the symbols matching the background and a few features trying to replicate the experience felt in a graveyard. Furthermore, the gameplay is highly lucrative with two key features, including the cascading reels and cluster pays mechanic. It’s important to note that this slot also only has a medium volatility rating.

The cluster pays mechanic essentially means that there are no paylines within Fear The Dark, which also means there is no limit to the variations that can be used in forming winning combinations. The cluster pays mechanic uses groupings of symbols to award wins instead of paylines. The 6-by-6 grid is large enough to help players form significant clusters to achieve the maximum payout potential of 5,000x the base bet. Furthermore, the excellent RTP of 96.25% and high hit frequency of 42% make this title extremely rewarding.

Features of Fear The Dark

Though there are no wild symbols within Fear The Dark, Players can rely on the cascading reels and cluster pay mechanics to achieve far more frequent winning combinations than a regular slot without these two features or with wild symbols only. When acting together, these features could help players string a series of consecutive winning combinations, all from a single spin.

Beyond the cluster pays and cascading reels mechanic found throughout the base game and free spin round as well. Fear The Dark at BC.GAME also comes with three special bonus rounds. One of the bonus rounds includes multipliers, and the other will increase the chance of landing special moons, while the last will change the layout of the grids immensely between free spins.

Cascading Reels and Cluster Pays

The cascading reels mechanic has been used in many other Hacksaw video slots before the release of Fear The Dark. The feature will cause the symbols that have triggered a win to disappear while new symbols land in their respective positions. The cluster pays mechanic essentially outs the payline system by allowing players to form winning combinations by simply forming a grouping of adjacent matching symbols. When coupled together, the cascading reels and cluster pay mechanic can be highly rewarding.

Full Moon

Landing the Moon Man scatter triggers Full Moon mode while activating 2 to 5 symbol multipliers, which appear on top of the grid, and each multiplier is linked to a high-paying symbol. Possible multiplier values range from x2 to x100. Multipliers apply to all respective symbol wins while they are active. When no more wins occur on the grid, symbol multipliers are removed one at a time from left to right. For each multiplier removed, all instances of that symbol as well as low-pay symbols, are removed from the reels, triggering a drop. When all multipliers have had their turn being removed like this, Full Moon mode ends.

Alone in the Dark

Landing 3 or 4 scatter symbols in the base game triggers 10 or 15 Alone in the Dark free spins, respectively. During this round, there is a greater chance of landing Moon Man symbols than in the base game. Landing scatter symbols award 4 extra free spins each.

Darkness Spins

Once all free spins have been played out, the bonus round moves to Darkness Spins. Each time players enter or retrigger this feature, 2 extra Darkness Spins are awarded. Before each Darkness Spin, the grid shrinks to 4 x 4, then to 2 x 2. Activating the Full Moon from this mode resets the grid back to 6 x 6. Triggering free spins during the feature returns the grid to 6 x 6 for the rest of the active spin, and players are returned to normal free spins. If Darkness Spins end without retriggering the free spin or the Full Moon, the feature ends.

Feature Buy-in

Fortunately, Hacksaw has added a feature buy-in option to Fear The Dark in order to allow eager players instant access to each of the bonus features that are available in this title. This adds a layer of customization, giving players a chance to choose how they wish to play the game. The bonus features players can purchase the following options:

  • Bonus Hunt FeatureSpins – At the cost of 3x the bet, each spin is 5 times more likely to trigger a bonus game. Highly volatile with a max RTP of 96.41%.
  • Moon Man FeatureSpins – For a price of 40x the bet, each spin guarantees at least 1 Moon Man symbol will land. Highly volatile with a max RTP of 96.25%.
  • 10 Free Spins – 10 free spins for a price of 100x the base bet. Highly volatile with a max RTP of 96.23%.
  • 15 Free Spins – 15 free spins at the cost of 150x the initial stake bet. Medium volatile with a max RTP of 96.25%.


Fear The Dark is another exceptional Hacksaw video slot, with the ability to provide both thrills from an in-depth horror theme and excitement from the lucrative gameplay. In combination, the theme and gameplay create a rather rewarding experience that is also coherent, unlike most video slots in the online casino industry that mash together random themes and gameplay. Beyond the excellent gaming experience caused by intense immersion, Fear The Dark also presents players with an excellent chance to win big through the payout potential of 5,000x the base bet, as well as the 43% hit frequency. Despite the exceptional chance of winning big, players should still bring a backup torch when spinning these reels; you could turn a gravestone that might be your last if you’re not careful.

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