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Cave Of Plunder (BC Originals): GAME Review & Theme

Cave Of Plunder immerses players in an exhilarating journey through an ancient and enigmatic cave brimming with hidden treasures and valuable loot. The game's theme revolves around exploration and the pursuit of substantial wins as players venture through the dark cavern in search of riches. What sets this slot apart is its unique design, featuring three columns of multipliers leading to different jackpots, delivering a captivating and engaging gaming experience. Unlike conventional slots with house edges ranging from 5% to 20%, Cave Of Plunder offers an impressive 99% RTP and generous multipliers, providing numerous opportunities for significant profits.

The symbols in Cave Of Plunder perfectly complement the adventurous theme. Players will encounter a book, amulet, cross, skull and crossbones, and blank symbol on the single reel. Each symbol serves a distinct purpose in the gameplay, with the book and amulet contributing to their respective jackpot columns, the cross enhancing the 500X jackpot, and the skull and crossbones removing an entire row of progress from all columns. These well-crafted symbols intensify the excitement and present players with unique ways to achieve wins.

Cave Of Plunder delivers a refreshing and innovative gameplay experience, diverging from traditional slots. Players have the choice to collect their winnings or continue spinning for greater rewards, akin to "Crash" or "Moon" type games. The cash pot, book, and amulet jackpots are automatically awarded upon reaching the top of their respective columns, offering thrilling opportunities for consistent wins. Furthermore, the Cross column introduces a wheel with diverse multipliers, heightening the anticipation and potential for substantial payouts. BC.GAME's Cave Of Plunder is an enticing and rewarding adventure that keeps players on the edge of their seats throughout their quest for riches.

About Cave Of Plunder at BC.GAME

At BC.GAME, Cave Of Plunder, with the average house edge on slots ranging from 5% to 20%, Cave Of Plunder stands out with its impressive 99% RTP and substantial multipliers, offering players numerous opportunities to achieve decent profits. Taking a closer look at the game, you'll find a 500x jackpot atop the center column, with the possibility of collecting several 7.5x and 21x jackpots on the way to reaching the top.

To play Cave Of Plunder, you can access it on different mobile phones and desktop computers, but a stable internet connection is necessary as the game is exclusively available online. Upon entering the gameplay, you'll notice a standard layout with three rows and five reels.

Gameplay Of Cave Of Plunder

The slot machine in Cave Of Plunder is truly one-of-a-kind, especially among cryptocurrency casinos. It presents players with a unique setup of three columns of multipliers leading to Small (7.5x), Medium (21x), and Grand (500x) jackpots. While it is a one-line slot, its distinctiveness lies in its one-reel design. The reel contains five possible symbols, where three symbols contribute to the corresponding jackpot columns, one symbol removes a full row of progress from all three jackpots, and one symbol is blank with no impact on the multipliers. Additionally, there's a "partial collect" option that rewards players with a payout based on the highest multiplier achieved in each column, followed by the removal of an entire row of multipliers. This unique feature pays an amount determined by the current progress in the player's balance, resembling the skull and crossbones effect but with different payout rules.

Pay Table and Bet Size

At BC.GAME's Cave of Plunder, players are presented with a wide range of betting options, giving them the freedom to place bets as low as $0.0001, while there is no upper limit on the maximum bet, providing an opportunity for high rollers to aim for substantial wins. The game boasts a thrilling potential with its maximum win of 500x, enticing players to embark on an adventurous journey within the ancient and mysterious cave.

As players venture into the dark cavern of the slot's theme, they encounter various intriguing symbols that contribute to the gameplay. The Book symbol adds to the column with multipliers ranging from 1.6x to 7.5x, presenting players with modest rewards to fuel their pursuit of greater riches. The Amulet symbol holds even greater potential, adding to the column with multipliers varying from 2.5x to 21x, providing an increased chance for more significant wins. However, the true highlight lies with the Cross symbol, as it contributes to the column with multipliers ranging from 4x to a staggering 500x Jackpot, offering the possibility of hitting a colossal win.

While the game offers enticing opportunities for significant gains, players must navigate carefully to avoid the Skull and Crossbones symbol, as it has the power to remove an entire row of progress from all the columns mentioned above. This element of risk adds an element of excitement and anticipation, as players must strategically balance their desire for greater rewards with the potential consequences of encountering the Skull and Crossbones.

Features of Cave Of Plunder (BC Originals)

In Cave of Plunder, every spin influences the "cash pot" by either adding, removing, or leaving it unchanged. Each multiplier from the three columns contributes to the single cash pot, providing players with the chance to collect it in full or partially at any point during gameplay. Each spin requires one wager, and the wager amount remains fixed while the cash pot contains funds.

Collecting the cash pot is just one of the rewarding elements of the game. Upon reaching the top of their respective columns, players are automatically awarded the Book and Amulet Jackpots, which can be collected an unlimited number of times. Each time the Book or Amulet symbol appears on the reel after reaching the top, the corresponding Jackpot is credited to the player's balance until they choose to collect the full cash pot or encounter the Skull and Crossbones symbol.

The Cross column introduces a unique twist to the gameplay, featuring a wheel with possible multipliers of 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x, and 500x at the top. Once the top is reached, the wheel spins automatically, awarding the Cross Jackpot before resetting the column back to its initial state. In contrast, the Book and Amulet columns retain their current positions even after the biggest Jackpot is awarded to the player's balance, offering continuous opportunities for additional wins.

Cave Of Plunder (BC Originals): Summary

Cave of Plunder at BC.GAME offers players an exhilarating and innovative slot experience as they embark on a captivating journey into an ancient and enigmatic cave brimming with concealed riches and valuable rewards. With its unique design featuring three columns of multipliers leading to different jackpots, players can enjoy an immersive gaming experience, unlike traditional slots. The game's low minimum bet of $0.0001 and no maximum bet limit offer great flexibility, while the 500x max win provides the potential for significant payouts. The well-designed symbols perfectly align with the adventurous theme, adding to the excitement and providing unique ways to win. Whether you're exploring on your desktop computer or mobile phone, Cave of Plunder offers an engaging and rewarding gameplay experience. Don't miss the chance to collect the cash pot or aim for the Book, Amulet, and Cross Jackpots, making this game a true gem among cryptocurrency casinos.

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