888 Gold

RTP (Return to Player)


Reel Resign

3 x 3

Lucky Spin


Win Ways


Max Win


Hit Rate




Stakes Range

$0.01 to $25

About this game

888 Gold (Pragmatic Play) Review & Theme

888 Gold at BC.GAME looks like the classic 1980s bar slot machines with a single lever for betting. Spin the reels of this slot machine for a taste of Chinese culture, combining the classic format of the three-reel slot with many symbols based on the country’s long and storied history. Pragmatic Play has updated a classic slot machine game for modern players.

When you fire up the 888 Gold at BC.GAME, it is as if you have stepped into a time warp to a more tranquil, technologically-devoid era. This simple slot machine follows the industry norms for payouts. Getting similar three-of-a-kind symbols among the slot machine's eight symbols can award the maximum payout of 6,000x.

Players with no experience with slot machines should be able to get the hang of 888 Gold after a few spins because the gameplay is so intuitive. All but two of the five pay lines run horizontally. Moreover, the small reel set will increase your possibility of creating more winning combinations.

888 Gold (Pragmatic Play) at BC.GAME

The total bet and the number of active pay lines can be adjusted before every spin. To determine the total wager, multiply the line bet by the number of active pay lines. The entire wager is made before the spin begins.

In 888 Gold, players can expect a high level of volatility, which means that while wins may be less frequent, they can be substantial. With an RTP (Return to Player) of 95.91%, this classic slot offers the thrill of chasing big rewards for those willing to take on the challenge of its high-volatility gameplay. So, if you're a risk-taker seeking the chance for significant wins, 888 Gold might be the perfect slot for you.

Paytable and Bet size

The slot machine at BC.GAME has a betting range of $0.01 to $250 per spin and features five pay lines. It is no wonder that the color red and the number eight are so popular since they both have auspicious meanings in Chinese culture, indicating prosperity and good luck.

You win by playing the 888 Gold slot machine and getting three identical symbols. Furthermore, the payouts are fixed amounts rather than a percentage of wagered per line. One of five payouts is awarded whenever the number 8 appears on a winning pay line. Get three 8s on any of the first four pay lines, and you'll win 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, or 4,000 coins, respectively.

However, getting three 8s on the fifth pay line will win the jackpot of 6,000 coins, equivalent to $60. The gold coins appear next on the reels, with a payout of $2 for three matching symbols on an active pay line.

BAR symbols are also present in the slot machine. Three left-to-right BARS pay out 50 coins, or $0.50, while three double BARS pay out 25 coins, or $0.25. Then, one BAR equals 15 cents (or 15 coins). Three BAR symbols will pay out eight coins on a single active pay line, or $0.08.

As a final bonus, getting three lanterns on a pay line will net you ten coins, or $0.10. While the rewards from this slot machine are on the lower end, they pile up with time.

Features of 888 Gold (Pragmatic Play)

Since 888 Gold is a classic and straightforward take on the slot machine, it uses only the standard icons. There will only be wild symbols as the game features.

Wild Symbols

In the game 888 Gold, the red light serves as the wild symbol, capable of substituting for all other symbols. In this classic slot machine, there are only five regular symbols, and adding wild symbols significantly enhances players' chances of receiving payouts.

888 Gold (Pragmatic Play): Summary

If you're looking for a classic slot machine experience, 888 Gold is a fantastic option. The whirling of the reels is reminiscent of vintage slot machines, taking you back in time. A short time after beginning the slot machine, you may turn off the noises because they are too distracting.

The 888 Gold slot machine, developed by Pragmatic Play, has moderate volatility but does not provide much more. As the reels spin quickly, your money might go just as quickly. This slot machine could be better for big rollers since the maximum wager for each spin is just $250.00.

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